Welborn Eiler is a licensed business professional residing in New England, where he has lived all his life. He also owns a design company that he developed for some of his other less than creative pursuits. He likes all sports and especially certain musical groups and movies that begin with the letter “A”. He also likes beef, chicken and fish and is likely to choose any one of them in a response card for a formal event. Welborn is not immune to conducting himself in an annoying manner and neither confirms or denies that his family and friends give rise to fodder for his writings. 

Welborn Eiler has taken the first step in amassing a collection of material that is solely designed to tell someone off with absolutely no consequences whatsoever to anyone but him. Having spent decades helping people and businesses navigate their problems, he brings his warped sense of humor and brutal honesty to others to help resolve problems and open a dialogue and discourse on what he hopes to be some very interesting conversation. This is only the beginning. The worst is yet to come.